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Alcohol production and consumption have existed for almost as long as recorded history. Remains from a beverage that resembled beer and was 13,000 years old were recently discovered in Israel, and evidence from a beverage made of rice, honey, and fruit that was discovered in China dated to 7000–6600 BCE. But how did we name the beverages that give us such a warm, fuzzy feeling?

We want to be clear right away: This scientific origin tale is a little foggy, much like the effects of binge drinking. There aren’t many primary sources left, and the story has probably been embellished through time. 

Alcoholic beverages are frequently produced on purpose and frequently reflect cultural and religious quirks in addition to geographical and sociological circumstances. There may have been alcoholic beverages that were purposely fermented as early as the Neolithic period, according to the discovery of late Stone Age jugs.

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A Bartender is the aristocrat of the working class.

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