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Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey vs Scotch

Irish whiskey vs Scotch: As implied by their names, each drink is only produced in the nation that bears their name. However, the distilling procedure is the main distinction between Scotch whisky and Irish whiskey.
Two of the most well-known producers of Whisky/Whiskey in the world are Scotland and Ireland. And even though they are neighbours, there are some really basic disparities in the way they conduct themselves.

What Is Irish Whiskey?

Irish Whiskey was mentioned almost a century before the Scottish one, namely in 1405.

Besides being produced in Ireland and having Irish water. It is triple distilled, and peat is never used in its production. Cherry casks are the only ones they use. It is brewed from a blend of malted and unmalted barley and originates from the world’s oldest distillery.

Irish monks learned how to distil fragrances in the 12th century, and after one of them drank Chanel No. 1, they realised there was joy to be had.

Ireland was overflowing with whiskey by the 16th century, and the King wanted a piece of the action, so he instituted licences. Sir Thomas Phillips, the landlord in the town of Bushmills, received the first Irish licence to distil, in 1608. After him, a few fortunate young men obtained their licences, while others disregarded the Mobster King. Legally, there were two different types of whiskey: “Poitin,” which was not legal, and “Parliament Whiskey,” which was legal. Fun fact: The outlaws made whiskey in small pots, hence the name Poitin, which means “small pot” in Gaelic.

Irish whiskey is a survival success story. It used to be the most popular in the world, and since the 1990’s it’s had a major comeback. Today, it’s more than alive and well! This style of whiskey is mellow, light and fruity, making it perfect for whiskey newbies and great for melding into cocktails.

Though single malts are also available, it is most frequently triple-distilled from unmalted barley that is typically combined with grain whiskey. Because of its extraordinary smoothness, it is a global favourite, particularly in the U.K. and U.S.

Irish whiskey

11 most popular Irish whiskey?


Has maintained its position as the undisputed leader. The International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR) estimates that just in Ireland, Jameson sold eight million cases of product.



Tullamore Dew



Michael Collins

Green Spot

Sainsbury’s dun leire 8

Power’s john’s lane

Irish whiskey in India

Irish whiskey is gradually beginning to appeal to Indian palates.
The last few years have seen a rise in young Indians’ interest in Irish whiskey, especially Jameson.
The liquor with the quickest growth in India is now Irish whiskey. Young drinkers may wish to try something different from the conventional Scotch that they have seen being sipped for years by everyone, including their fathers and uncles, as one major factor in India’s newfound passion for Irish whiskey.

You can choose from three fantastic Irish whiskey brands for your weekend drinking session.

Redbreast Lustau Edition

Jameson Cooper’s Croze

Bushmills 16 yrs

Irish whiskey vs bourbon

Irish Whiskey typically lacks the sweetness and richness of bourbon. It has flavours of brown sugar, caramel, oak, and vanilla. Compared to bourbon, Irish Whiskey is less smokey, smoother, and fruitier overall. Uses: Bourbon is typically consumed plain, on the rocks, or in an Old Fashioned or other drink that features a lot of the spirit.

How much alcohol is in Irish whiskey?

 Most Irish whiskey is 40% ABV (alcohol by volume), though some are bottled at up to 60% ABV.

Is Irish whiskey better than Scotch?

The distilling procedure, however, is what distinguishes Scotch whisky from Irish whiskey the most. Both spirits are distilled liquors, but while Irish whiskey is distilled three times, Scotch is distilled twice. Irish whiskey has a smoother aftertaste as a result of the additional distillation, which some claim makes it the best in the world.

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