11 Tennessee Whiskey Brands

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Why is Tennessee famous for whiskey?

Tennessee whiskey is one of the top ten exports of Tennessee. Tennessee whiskey is straight whiskey produced in the U.S. state of Tennessee. 

Fortunately, Tennessee has a climate, water supply, and soil that are almost ideal for making whiskey.
With the arrival of Scotch-Irish immigrants from Pennsylvania and Virginia, Tennessee began to produce whiskey. James Polk carried on Andrew Jackson’s tradition of serving Tennessee whiskey in the White House. Although the technique was probably utilised earlier outside of Tennessee, Alfred Eaton began using it to filter whiskey in Tullahoma as early as 1825.
Tennessee presently has thirty distilleries spread out over the state, up from three when it first became a state. These distilleries range in size from tiny, boutique-style businesses producing both conventional and cutting-edge spirits to well-known facilities producing famed Tennessee Whiskey for decades.

What whiskeys are brewed in Tennessee?

The Lincoln County Process must be applied to this whiskey. Before barreling, the liquor is filtered using maple charcoal in this method. Congeners and undesirable contaminants are eliminated.

Tennessee has a thriving whiskey scene. There is no lack of the top Tennessee whiskeys.

11 Tennessee Whiskey Brands that you should seek out.

Tennessee Whiskey
  1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey
  2. Roaming Man Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey
  3. George Dickel Barrel Select
  4. Chattanooga Whiskey 111
  5. Corsair Triple Smoke
  6. Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey
  7. Sweetens Cove Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey
  8. Rollins Tennessee Whiskey
  9. Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey
  10. Nelson’s First 108 Tennessee Whiskey
  11. Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey

What is the oldest whiskey distillery in Tennessee?

American’s oldest licenced distillery, Jack Daniel’s, was founded in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in 1866, and continues to use iron-free cave spring water in the production of its premium Tennessee whiskey, which is then charcoal-mellowed and aged.

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