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Indian Whisky

Scotch whiskey consumption first arrived in India in the nineteenth century, under the British Raj. Edward Dyer relocated from England to Kasauli in the late 1820s to establish the country’s first brewery. As there was a plentiful supply of fresh springwater there, the brewery was quickly relocated to the neighbourhood of Solan, which is adjacent to the British summer capital of Shimla.
Whisky, once seen as “foreign poison” introduced by British colonialists, has come a long way on the subcontinent, becoming a naturalised part of Indian culture and identity in the 21st century and replacing gin as the preferred national spirit.

Surprisingly, India was a significant blind area for whisky connoisseurs worldwide until quite recently. Despite a 200-year history since the introduction of the grain alcohol to the subcontinent, whisky has the most devoted following of all the spirits that are available in India. Whatever the occasion, whisky must be present at every celebration in this country. It is a staple of gatherings, whether indoors or out, and it is the beverage that people turn to the most after a long day.

Is Indian whisky good?

13 of the top-selling whisky brands in the world, including the top four in 2020, are made in India, and they range from affordable beverages to exquisite single malts and award-winning blends.

Which whisky is made in India?

Indian Whisky

17 best whisky brands in India

  1. Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky
  2.  Paul John Edited Single Malt Whisky
  3. Kamet
  4. Rampur Double Cask
  5. Officer’s Choice
  6. Woodburns whisky
  7. Solan Gold
  8. Paul John Brilliance
  9. Indri
  10. Godawan By Diageo
  11. McDowells
  12. Director’s Special
  13. Bagpiper
  14. Imperial Blue
  15. Oaksmith
  16. Ballantine’s 12-Year
  17. Seagrams 100 Pipers Deluxe 

Is Indian Whisky aged?

Indian single malt is the product of a single distillery and is made only from water, yeast, and malted barley. Like all single malt whiskies, it must be aged for a minimum of three years and a day in oak casks.
Indian single malts are produced similarly to Scotch, using malted barley in pot stills and oak barrels for at least three years, in order to be sold as whiskey in the EU and internationally.

Does Indian Whisky contain sugar?

Whisky. Whisky has 105 calories, 0.03 grammes of sugar, and 0.06 grammes of carbohydrates per millilitre.

Which is the best Indian single malt?

The World Whiskey Awards 2022 have given Indri-Trini this prestigious honour for being voted the best Indian Single Malt in all categories. First-round winners of the global whiskey awards

Indri, a single malt, took first place with 89.2 points.
Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky came in second with 87.2 points.
Amrut Peated Indian Single Malt Whisky came in third with 86.7 points.

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