6 Corn Whiskey Brands

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What whiskey is made from corn?

Corn whiskey is created by fermenting corn, adding yeast and sugar, then distilling the resulting clear liquor.

Since it doesn’t contain any rye or barley, corn base whiskey stands out from other whiskeys. Rye or barley were originally used as the main ingredients in the production of whiskey. With small amounts being grown in Maryland and Virginia, Pennsylvania produced the majority of the world’s rye. The most popular product made from rye is rye bread.

A minimum of 80% corn must be used in the mashbill when producing maize whiskey, an American whiskey.

List of 6 best Corn Whiskey


One of the best distillation businesses in Texas, USA, is Balcones. They use locally available ingredients to create premium spirits.

Bowsaw American Whiskey:

The mash bill for Bowsaw Straight Corn Whiskey is 91% corn, 5% barley, and 4% rye. It is distilled and aged in northern Kentucky. Northern Kentucky is where Bowsaw Straight Rye Whiskey is distilled and aged, giving it the distinctive pepper and spice profile we appreciate in our Kentucky Ryes.

Mellow Corn:

American maize whisky with a gold colour called Mellow Corn has a high proof. The mashbill must contain at least 81% maize to qualify as a corn whiskey; the remaining percentages of malted barley and rye must be combined. A smooth, mild whisky that’s ideal for summer evenings.

MB Roland:

Paul and Merry Beth (“MB”) Tomaszewski established the MB Roland Distillery in 2009 as The distillery is located on what used to be an Amish family farm. One of the many uses for American corn whiskies is MB Roland Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey. In 2009, Paul and Merry Beth established the MB Roland distillery.

Heaven Hill 10 Year Old 2010

A 10 year old Heaven Hill corn whiskey poured from a Port pipe is available from the Artful Dodger independent bottling line! After being distilled in 2010, this particular expression was let ten years to mature before being released at cask strength (59.3% ABV). The single cask bottlings from these wildly popular American distilleries are always interesting to taste.


Platte Valley Corn Whiskey is made by McCormick Distilling Company. Since 1856, this genuine American corn whiskey has been produced. The company has been producing whiskey for more than 16 years. The distillery was discovered by Michael McCormick in Weston, Missouri.

Is corn whiskey the same as bourbon?

What distinguishes bourbon from maize whiskey, aside from the fact that the former is great and the latter is typically awful?

The cooperage makes a difference. Uncharred or used bottles must be used to age corn whiskey. As opposed to this, bourbon must be matured in freshly charred containers. And for this reason, whiskey made from corn accounts for less than 20% of bourbon’s mash bill.

There are three main distinctions:

One barrel.

As most of us are aware, bourbon must be kept in brand-new, charred oak barrels (although technically, it doesn’t have to be one). Corn whiskey need not be matured in barrels at all, but if it is, it can only be done so in either new, uncharred oak barrels or used oak barrels.

2. Corn Proportion.

While corn whiskey must be brewed from a mash that contains at least 80% corn, bourbon must have at least 51% corn.

3. Taste.

Good bourbon. Poor corn whiskey. (I couldn’t actually locate this in the regulations, but I’m sure it’s there someplace.)


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