What are the 6 types of rum?

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6 Types of Rum

6 types of rum

The majority of rums fall into one or more of a select few categories. Let’s find out more about the most often used 6 types of rum.

More than 80 different countries make rum utilising a variety of various techniques, including a wide range of fermentation, distillation, mixing, and ageing methods.

Dark Rum

Dark rums have traditionally been matured in barrels for a longer time than their golden and white equivalents.
Although there is no official definition for the word “dark rum,” it often refers to rum that has aged or been coloured with molasses or caramel for colour.

White Or Clear Rum

White or clear rum is matured for a shorter period of time than other types. This alcohol is already clear when it is distilled.
White rum, commonly referred to as light rum or silver rum, is a common ingredient in many cocktail recipes.
Producers normally merely filter the alcohol until it is clear of contaminants and suitable for a cocktail before turning it into rum that can be sold.
White rum is frequently used in mixed beverages due to its milder flavour as opposed to straight consumption. To preserve their white tint and get rid of any colour that can interfere with their white colour, white rums are matured in large stainless steel barrels and then filtered.

Premium Aged Rum

Most high-end rums are designed to be drunk neat. Although a lengthy ageing process is significant, the method of ageing is more important than simply getting older. The darker rums are typically categorised as premium. They must only contain sugar cane, with no other sugars allowed.


A distilled spirit known as cachaça is created from fermented sugarcane juice. It is the most widely consumed distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil and is also known as pinga, caninha, and other names. Cachaça is virtually solely used in tropical beverages outside of Brazil, with the caipirinha being the most well-known concoction.
Brazil’s national spirit is cachaça. Cachaça, a spicy, sweet, and fruity clear liquor distilled from fermented sugarcane juice and well known for its use in the Caipirinha, is required by law to be made in Brazil and must have an alcohol content of 38 to 48 percent by volume.

Flavored and Spiced Rum

Any rum that has been flavoured with natural herbs and spices is referred to as a spiced rum. The majority of the time, seeds, roots, dried fruits, barks, or leaves are used to make spices. Among many more, examples include clove, cinnamon, cassia, vanilla, star anise, citrus fruit, nutmeg, cardamom, orange peel, ginger, pepper, and allspice.
These are typically less than 40% ABV (80% proof), used to flavour tropical beverages with similar themes and are frequently consumed neat or on the rocks.

Navy Rum

The Royal British Navy once provided sailors with daily rations of navy rum, or tots,” which is a traditional concoction made up of liquors from Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad. That was Black Tot Day up until July 31, 1970.

Although not as strong as Overproof Rum, Navy Rum is stronger than the majority of other rums( like our Blue Label). By combining the rum with gunpowder, the navy officers would gauge its potency. They knew the rum was proof if the gunpowder caught fire. As a result, our navy is known as Gunpowder Proof.

What are the top 5 rum drinks?

  1. Rum and Coke
  2. Daiquiri
  3. Piña Colada
  4. Mojito
  5. Rum Sour

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