9 of the Best Beer Cocktails for Summer

Best Beer Cocktails

 Beer cocktails are nothing new; in fact, some of the recipes date back hundreds of years. Although beer tastes great on its own, it also makes an excellent base for mixed beverages. Finding a fresh recipe to shake up your regular beer drinking habit is a terrific idea now that there are so many different beer varieties and craft beers available.

Beer Cocktals

Strawberry Cucumber Spritzer

Beer cocktail


180 ml Beer

30 ml Gin

15 ml  elderflower liqueur

2 cucumber slices

2 strawberries


In a cocktail shaker, muddle cucumber slices and strawberries thoroughly.

Add gin, elderflower liqueur, and shake over ice. 

Strain into a glass. 

Add Beer. 

Garnish with skewered orange ribbon and strawberry slic

Beer Margarita


45  ml tequila 

30 ml Cointreau

30 ml fresh lime juice

120 ml chilled beer (lager for classic taste.

Ice, to serve

Garnish: lime wheel


Beer Cocktail

In this recipe, a half-pint of pale ale is poured, followed by a thick layer of Guinness Stout. Once you know a few strategies, it’s not difficult to pour and tastes wonderful.


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Cheladas are a very cool beverage with a low alcohol content that are ideal for a hot summer day. It is fairly normal to take a glass of beer in the morning or in the middle of the day in Mexico to help ease the discomforts of a hangover.

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Beer cocktail Chelada
Cranberry Ginger Shandy

Tobogganing on the Leinie Side is as refreshing as drinking traditional weiss beer with natural cranberry and ginger flavours.

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The Black Velvet is a beer cocktail prepared with white sparkling wine and stout (typically Guinness) (often Champagne).

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Black Velvet beer cocktail

Beer, lime juice, various sauces (typically chili-based), spices, and chilli peppers are the main ingredients of the Mexican beverage known as a michelada. It is offered in a chilled glass with a salt rim. This drink comes in a wide variety throughout Mexico.
The well-known margarita, a bar drink made with beer, is among the most well-liked. There are no bartender tricks to creating it that you can’t manage at home; it’s a peppery way to dress up beer.

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A fantastic, cooling watermelon beer made from leftover watermelon. This popular shandy version mixes up quickly and is simple to prepare. One of the most cooling summer beverages, it has a flavour that is crisp, fruity, and just a little bit sweet.

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Watermelon beer cocktail


Shandy is a mixture of beer or cider and a lemon- or lime-flavored beverage. The lemon-flavored drink, often known as lemonade, may or may not be carbonated. The simplest shandy recipe is simply a mix of beer and lemonade in equal parts. Despite how straightforward it is, the combination is amazing. Best of all, with each beer you pour, it transforms into a whole unique experience.

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Shandy Beer Cocktail

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