Black Velvet Beer Cocktail

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History of Black Velvet Cocktail?

Black Velvet Beer Cocktail alcoholic drink was invented for the first time in 1861 by a bartender at Brooks’s Club in London as a way to mourn the demise of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s Prince Consort. It is intended to resemble the black armbands worn by the mourning. 

It was recommended that “even the champagne should be in mourning.” Today, the beverage is linked to more than just sadness.

Black Velvet beer cocktail
90 ml Half a flute of Champagne
90 ml Half a flute of Guinness Original


Pour the Champagne into a wine flute, filling the glass about halfway.

Slowly pour the stout on top to fill the glass.

Serve and enjoy.

What are beer cocktails called?

Many people mistake a beer cocktail for nothing more than a shandy, but as beer and cocktails gain popularity, it is not surprising that the two are combining more frequently.

We are now witnessing many unusual ingredients being used in the brewing of beer due to the global craft beer boom.


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