Chelada Beer Cocktail

What does a chelada have in it?


Chelada Beer Cocktail is a Mexican beer cocktail using lager beer and lime juice. Mexican beer cocktails called cheladas are made with lime juice and lager beer. Mexican lagers naturally have a pleasant flavour, but the zesty chelada notes elevate them to a new level. A typical Mexican cerveza preparada known as the “Chelada” is essentially a light lager mixed with lime juice and salt. There isn’t any clam juice, tomato juice, sauce, spice, clamato, or tequila used.

What beer is good for Chelada?

Modelo Especial A balanced flavour with a subtle hop profile and a fresh, clean aftertaste. The aroma of Modelo Especial has notes of herb and orange blossom honey. Water, Barley Malt, Non-Malt Cereals, and Hops are the main ingredients of Modelo Especial.

Because it allows the components in a Michelada to fully emerge and surpass the flavour of the beer, this beer is the ideal vehicle for them.

Chelada beer cocktail recipe


70ml  Mexican beer 

Salt or Tajin for rim of glass

Juice of 1 large lime see 

Crushed handfuls ice

ime wedges optional, for garnish


Beer cocktail Chelada
Dip rim of glass into lime juice, then immediately dip into salt or Tajin.
Gently tap sides of glass to shake off any excess.
Fill glass halfway with ice. Pour lime juice from bowl over ice, then pour beer to top of glass.
Tilt glass as you pour to control foam.
Serve and enjoy.

What do you eat with Chelada?

Suits shredded pork stew with spicy chipotle tomato sauce nicely. The combo of beer and pork is excellent.

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