Cocktail B52 recipe with Coffee liqueur

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How to make cocktail B 52 ? Why is the drink called B52 ?

The popular cocktail B52 is jam-packed with sweetness and a science lesson in relative density! Coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and Grand Marnier come together in a neat little stack to form a powerful and delicious drink.

Like many other cocktails, the origins of the B-52 rely heavily on a good storyteller and engaging local rumours.

One of the more popular claims for the origin of this alcoholic drink is that it was invented by a Canadian bartender, Peter Fich. He had a habit of naming all of his new inventions after his favourite bands, albums and songs.

Who invented cocktail B52? Can B 52 be mixed?

Contrary to popular belief, the B-52 was not named after the US Stratofortress bomber, but rather the new wave band (The B-52s) that was named after the bomber.

If you want to further impress your bartender with your mixing knowledge, a completed B-52 is built rather than poured.

What are the B 52 shot variations?

This is due to the fact that the preparation of the drink is called “building”, as opposed to the more traditional shaking or mixing of other drinks.

Since this cocktail rose to popularity, variations of the B-52 have emerged where layered drinks would come to be known as the B-50 series.

Try shaking up your night and go for ordering a random selection of the B-50 series and see what you get!

B52 Cocktail


15 ml Kahlua

15 ml ounce Bailey’s Irish Cream

15 ml Grand Marnier


  • Pour the Kahlua into a shot glass.
  • Pouring slowly over the back of a spoon or with a bottle pourer, add an equal layer of Baileys Irish Cream.
  • Still pouring slowly over the spoon or with a pourer, add the layer of Grand Marnier.

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