How to drink gin?


What is the proper way to drink gin?

Gin is a great underdog. It has a strong, herbaceous taste that goes well both on its own and in a cocktail thanks to its powerful, botanical characteristics like juniper and citrus. As a result, there are no strict guidelines regarding drinking. You merely sip.
Gin was designed to be used in cocktails; it couples, carries, and elevates a drink with complexity and nuance.
It should be served cool but without ice. Pour one shot of gin into an ice-filled martini shaker to make this. Put the lid on and give the gin a good shake to incorporate the ice. Gin should be poured into your cocktail glass after the lid has been removed, but keep the strainer on the martini shaker. Slowly savour the gin.

Test it out on some rocks. A cocktail expression meaning served over ice is “on the rocks.” In an old-fashioned glass, add two or three ice cubes. Then, add your gin shot over the ice. Stir the gin and ice cubes in the glass a few times before taking a sip to gently cold it. As usual, take a slow sip of the gin.

Drink Gin

Is gin OK to drink gin straight?

Drink gin neat. Drinking a spirit neat means you drink it without any additional preparation. This means no chilling, no ice, and no mix. 

7 Gin Mixers to try

  1. GIN & TONIC
  4. GIN & GINGER 
  5. GIN & LIME
  6. GIN & COKE

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