International Beer Day

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Why International Beer Day is celebrated?

International Beer Day

International Beer Day was observed on August 5 from 2007 to 2012. After International Beer Day 2012, the founders decided to shift the holiday to the first Friday in August after polling the community.

International Beer Day began as a tiny, regional celebration in the western United States and has since expanded to encompass 207 cities, 80 countries, and 6 continents. International Beer Day has three stated objectives in particular:

Jesse Avshalomov established the annual International Beer Day (IBD) celebration on the first Friday in August in Santa Cruz, California.

What country celebrates beer day?

Icelanders approved a total prohibition on alcoholic beverages in a 1908 referendum; the restriction became effective on January 1, 1915. The embargo was partially abolished in 1921 when Spain refused to buy Iceland‘s principal export, fish, unless Iceland purchased Spanish wines; it was further lifted in 1935 when a nationwide referendum supported the legalisation of spirits. However, strong beer (with an alcohol concentration of 2.25 percent or more) was left out of the 1935 vote to appease the temperance lobby, which contended that because beer is less expensive than spirits, it will encourage more vice.

Beer Clelbrations

What do you do on International Beer Day?

Around the world, people gather in bars, breweries, and backyards to celebrate. Today is a time to celebrate our loved ones and savour the wonderful qualities of beer. This day is dedicated to beer drinkers and people who occasionally enjoy alcoholic beverages.
“Beer is celebrated all throughout the world on International Beer Day in bars, breweries, and backyards. On this day, beer drinkers around can toast their brewers and bartenders and celebrate the superiority of beer!”


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