Shandy Beer Cocktail

Piyobaar beer

What makes a beer a shandy?

Shandy beer cocktail drink consists of equal parts beer and the tangy lemon-lime soda. Shandy is a mixture of beer or cider and a lemon- or lime-flavored beverage. The lemon-flavored cocktail, often known as lemonade, may or may not be carbonated. Depending on taste, the two ingredients are frequently combined in a ratio of half lemonade and half beer/cider.
Shandies are still produced fresh to order in pubs and private homes, just as they were originally. However, shandies are also also made commercially. Leinenkugel was one of the first to gain popularity after introducing its bottled version in 2007.

Shandy Beer Cocktail


bottles pilsner beer


teaspoon grated ginger

handful mint leaves

1/4 cup agave nectar



Juice the third lemon.
Mix well before adding the beer, lemon juice, ginger, and agave to the pitcher.
Add slices of the fourth lemon as a garnish.

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