Watermelon Beer Cocktail

Piyobaar beer

Is watermelon good with beer?

Beer made with leftover watermelon that is wonderful and refreshing. This popular shandy version mixes up quickly and is simple to prepare. One of the most cooling summer beverages, it has a flavour that is crisp, fruity, and just a little bit sweet.
Utilize any remaining watermelon as soon as possible by brewing a super-fresh, delectable watermelon beer. It’s a simple, three-ingredient variant on the well-known shandy that mixes quickly.

Watermelon beer cocktail


3/4 cup cubed watermelon

15 ml vanilla syrup

180 ml wheat beer


To release its juice, muddle the watermelon in a mixing glass.
Remove the fruit pieces and any seeds to preserve the juice only.
Halfway fill a pint glass with watermelon juice after adding the vanilla syrup.
Pour the beer on top. Enjoy after serving.


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