What is Reposado tequila

Reposado Tequila

Reposado tequila re-aged tequila Reposado, which means “rested,” rests in the barrel for at least two months but usually for a shorter period of time.
Tequila is classified as blanco, which is unaged, reposado, which is aged up to a year, or aejo, which has been aged for between one and two years, depending on how long it is matured in barrel.

While reposado tequila is also matured, the duration of the ageing process can range from two to eleven months. It offers an even, smooth finish. If you drink responsibly, of course, it won’t be as harsh on the tongue or give you a hangover that lasts as long.

Don’t be deceived by gold tequila’s “gold” label. These, where colours and flavours are added before bottling, are frequently referred to as “Mixtos.” These young tequilas are less expensive and frequently used to create mixed drinks at taverns and eateries.

Top 6 Reposado Tequilas

  1. Don Julio Reposado

  2. Fortaleza Reposado

  3. Casamigos Reposado

  4. PaQuĆ­ Tequila Reposado

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